165 years within the shipping and logistics’ activities.

The Fratelli Cosulich Group is a global transportation and logistics company with a rich history dating back to 1857, when Captain Antonio F. Cosulich launched the family’s shipping business.

Today it has more than 110 companies, with a presence in 27 different countries.
Despite its size and global reach, the Fratelli Cosulich Group is still a family-owned business with a strong commitment to its roots and values. The company provides excellent service to its customers and has built a reputation for reliability and integrity over the years.

The Fratelli Cosulich Group operates with 14 business units and a strategy based on diversification and expansion through M&A.
Innovation and technology have always played a key role for the company, which has always been looking for new ways to improve its operations and make them more efficient.
Through its 14 business units, the Group adopts a vertical approach and offers a wide range of services able to cover the entire logistics chain.


Over 120 years of experience in Life Saving Equipment.

In 1901 Mr. Arturo Canepa and Mr Edoardo Campi founded “Canepa & Campi” to develop a wholesale distribution of life-buoys, lifejackets, fenders, flags, sail and field tents, truck tarpaulins etc.; the Company supplied the Royal Navy, the state railway, Shipyards and Shipping Companies.

During the years preceding the last world war, the Company supplied essential war goods to the Navy and the Army, in this way avoiding approximately 450 of the employees being called to arms.In this period the Company grew large enough to be classed as a medium-sized industry.
During the years after the war, the Company became very well known and increased the product line of marine safety equipment thanks to the Campi trio. 

In 1960 the new plastic technology allowed the Company, under the technical direction of Prof. Santo Di Rocco, to produce several new plastic items, such as the historical “Atollo”, which were supplied to all the national ships. Nowadays in Italy, as a result of the large product distribution on the market, the trade name Atollo identifies every type of emergency floating apparatus. In 1965 Edoardo Campi, Carlo’s son, developed the italian production of inflatable liferafts, manufactured, on its behalf, by Callegari & Ghigi of Ravenna, thanks to the collaboration and the expertise of the UK Company RFD.

The inflatable liferafts became one of the main products marketed by Canepa & Campi, through the relationship with the Companies Nuova Callegari & Ghigi, initially, and later Eurovinil. Renato Campi, Mario’s son, is today the director of the Company. The latest generation, Renato’s sons, Roberto and Marco, have joined its 100 years of history, continuing the tradition founded on reliability, commercial and production commitment of the whole staff. Canepa & Campi is a world leader in the manufacture of lifejackets as well as survival suits and many other products for safety of life at sea. The Company plans to update materials and approvals in order to guarantee the best world wide service.

As in the last 100 years, we from Canepa & Campi wish to be a point of reference for our prestigious customers, providing through this catalogue a valid guide for equipment required by the IMO SOLAS Convention, and in this way proving an indispensable tool of work.


Aegida's Shield of Success

Founded in 2022, with Headquarters in Koper, Slovenia

Aegida Group is formed as a common identity for all member companies within the group which provide full scale of services in Shipping, Logistics and Transportation business in Balkan area.

Name AEGIDA is Greek word, and the first name for Koper as a Greek settlement, and Koper is the place where the journey with Fratelli Cosulich started.

AEGIDA is the mythological shield of Athena. And when you say “under someone’s aegis” it means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable, or benevolent source.

The logo’s shape even hints at a propeller, a vital device for boats and planes, representing the fundamental mechanisms that keep operations afloat and soaring.

Group mission is to become leading player in the Balkan Region that provides integrated supply chain solutions in a digital environment.

Current presence is spread through 10 countries, 24 companies and over 300 employees.


You'll Never Sail Alone

Simmor Marine Ltd. began operating in 2004, when Croatia had not yet recognized the significance of mega yachting. It was founded by Captain Andrija Šimić, who after a successful career in the navy and yachts, entered the world of mega yachting with the goal of providing the highest level of quality service to valued mega yachting clients, regardless of the size of the yacht, through his experience and knowledge. By intensive market development and successful business operations, Simmor Marine Ltd. has become a crucial partner in the Croatian market and is now a part of the Adriatic Yachting Alliance.

Adriatic Yachting Alliance is established in 2005 by association of three Yacht Agencies as a response to increased necessity of shore-based arrangements for mega yacht arrivals in the Adriatic, and to improve services which the yacht owners, crew and their guests need. By uniting the founder experiences, whose enduring work in Yachting business guarantees the quality, safety, and reliability, we have raised the level of yacht service to highest standards. We are now covering full service in the entire Adriatic, including Monte Negro and the Italian coast of Adriatic. We are ready to response to all demands of our clients at any time.

At present, about 250 yachts in the Adriatic enjoy the quality service, discretion, and transparent business operations of Simmor Marine and A.Y.A., which is why we’ve become one of the leading Yacht agencies in Croatia.